Project Description

Our client needed a site that would promote an annual fundraising project and attract visitors from the entire state to attend. Nine years ago when this event began, its website presence was a few pages as an event on an orchestra’s website. With the growth of popularity of this vocal competition, the event needed its own identity and unique look. By listening to volunteers and the people who use this website, it is set up to be easy to navigate and is very interactive. This site serves a wide range of needs including the ability to purchase tickets, a way to make donations and registration templates.


In addition to those uses, this site has caused a great deal of social media activity and is extremely popular with the entire community. After initial vocal auditions are held in March, there are months of activity on the site because it is used to introduce the 12 finalists to the public. To learn more about these singers, several things needed to be posted in an interesting way. There are professional photographs, well written biographies and audio recordings from their auditions that people can play over and over again.