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Music Director and Conductor of the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra, Conductor of the Northwest Indiana Youth Symphony Orchestra, Manager - Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra, Founder - Maestro Inc. In the web business since 1989.

Michigan City Messiah

With the appointment of Philip Bauman as the new new music director of the Michigan City Messiah, a new website was launched to coincide with the 51st Annual presentation.  Now the First Presbyterian Church of Michigan City as a web presence to promote and manage this community outreach performance.

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HIS Voice Productions

Jim Holly of Voice Productions was looking for a site to promote his Scripture Audio files and new worship program called “A Little Preachin’ . .  A Little Praisin’.”  Maestro Inc. is proud to promote Jim in his calling to spread the good Word.  He has an amazing collection of audio scriptures that we helped [...]

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Jerry Lackey – Composer | Conductor | Arranger

Composer Jerry Lackey has over 180 compositions and arrangements to his credit and he wanted an eCommerce solution to sell and promote his work. Maestro Inc. was asked to create a simple and easy to use site to promote and allow digital products to be purchased and downloaded. The goal was to create a site [...]

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Your Bargain Barns

Our client represents 3 different companies who produce portable storage units. The goal was to create a site that displayed all the offerings from the companies with current pricing and options. Before creating this site, the client had no central location to display his product offerings. Maestro Inc. transformed PDF flyers and documents into vibrant [...]

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James Stephenson – Composer | Arranger | Conductor

Composer James Stephenson is a world class composer with a busy commissioning and conducting schedule.  He came to Maestro Inc. to enhance his communications with the public about his activities and schedule. After a major overhaul on his website Mr. Stephenson sought to fully realize his marketing and e-commerce potential.  Maestro Inc. is tasked with content [...]

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Nic Orbovich – Violin

We've been busy working on a site for Violinist Nic Orbovich.  As Artistic Director of the Michigan City Chamber Music Festival, a professional online presence was needed to promote himself and the festival.  As more offers come in for recital dates and solo opportunities,  it has become increasingly important to have a place were presenters [...]

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